Lady Precious Stream Opr S.I. Hsiung

ISBN: 9780196382357

Published: June 28th 1971


102 pages


Lady Precious Stream Opr  by  S.I. Hsiung

Lady Precious Stream Opr by S.I. Hsiung
June 28th 1971 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 102 pages | ISBN: 9780196382357 | 8.22 Mb

I found a nice old copy of the English translation of this play at Waterstones. It was one that Id not heard of before so I bought it. The play was translated in the 30s by a Chinese playwright with the intention of it being able to be performed by English speaking actors. Just after I bought it I discovered that there is a lecture about it at SOAS so decided I better read it quite quickly.I really liked the play.

It had very strong women characters, even the mother who was the typical Confucian woman was strong and managed to save her son-in-laws life at the end by using her wits. It had women warriors and daughters who studied. It had all the things I like best about Chinese literature. The plot wasnt as good as some of the other more famous plays Ive read but that might have been just because it was shortened down to fit for a production for one evening.The edition that I read was a lovely little hardcover with woodcut illustrations from the Chinese text.

These depicted the scenes as they really happened rather than as they appeared on stage. The translator also included lots of stage descriptions and character descriptions. But I still have a hard time picturing an English company performing the play.I enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to the lecture.

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