Hero System: Combat Handbook Steven S. Long

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Hero System: Combat Handbook  by  Steven S. Long

Hero System: Combat Handbook by Steven S. Long
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THE GLORY OF BATTLEThe HERO System rules are designed to handle any type of combat - whether it involves two groups of gun-wielding gangsters on a grimy inner city stret, caped superheroes using energy bolts and super-strength in a fight in outer space, Fantasy warriors and wizard wielding swords and spells against trolls and dragons, a blaster duel in the corridors of a starship, or even stranger forms of conflict.

The basic rules in Chapter Two of the HERO System 5th Edition, Revised rulebook, combined with the more advanced or genre-specfic rules in carious HERO System books, allow you to fight just about any type o battle youcan imagine.To help your game run as smoothly and enjoyable as possible, The HERO System Combat Handbook complies the combat rules from the HERO System 5th Edition, Revised rulebook and these supplements:ChampionsDark ChampionsFantasy HeroHidden LandsThe Ultiamte BrickThe Ultimate Martial ArtistAdditionally, The HERO System Combat Handbook supplements that material with new rules, expanded and clarified rules, and other information so you have all the combat rules you need right at your fingertips.

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