Heavenly Silence: Religious Island-Style Story Luke A.M. Brown



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Heavenly Silence: Religious Island-Style Story  by  Luke A.M. Brown

Heavenly Silence: Religious Island-Style Story by Luke A.M. Brown
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Essie left the church that night a changed person. She told Leonard that she was going to quit smoking and drinking that night. She told him that she was going to give her heart to the Lord. Essies words were simple, but they were bafflingly true. Essie went cold turkey. She never smoked another cigarette. She never took another sip of alcohol. She got baptized within two months of finding God.Excerpt:She reflected on her whole life, including her successes and failures.

She had succeeded in giving her kids an average life. She had succeeded in finding a good man to be her husband. She had succeeded in making it in a rough city like Montego Bay. But she had failed in giving her kids the best life that they could have. She had failed in giving her kids a father early in their lives when they needed one most. She had failed to make it big-time in Montego Bay.If you understand and can see the wonderful beauty in God’s forgiveness, you will be touched by this simple story of life, Essie’s life.

This book is surely for you.Heavenly Silence is the religious version of The Non-Silence of the LAMB.We are very proud of our excellent Kirkus book review-TITLE INFORMATION (Kirkus Review)HEAVENLY SILENCE Religious Island-Style StoryBrown, Luke and Berthalicia BrownCreateSpace (274 pp.)$16.99 paperback, $0.99 e-bookISBN: 978-1483987279- March 29, 2013BOOK REVIEWAn inspiring novel of a runaway’s journey through heartache.

In this novel’s introduction, Essie Brown’s son eulogizes her as a woman of sacrific —a heroine who led a turbulent life until she found God and turned her life around. Her fictionalized story begins in Jamaica—a gutsy 14-year-old determined to make a life for herself, who escapes her resentful adoptive family and the arduous work they make her do. After she runs away from tiny Cascade to the city of Montego Bay, Essie hunts for work and soon finds a job working for the Ferguson family, baby-sitting their children and cooking their meals. She begins to enjoy her life in the big city, making friends and even finding a boyfriend, Stedman- then she gets pregnant and miscarries.

Although she and Stedman are determined to stay together and have a family, she has another miscarriage and then another, and Stedman leaves her for her best friend, Cherry. Heartbroken and angry, she once again resolves to make it on her own and lands a job as a hotel chef.

She soon finds herself pregnant once more, but this time, the father wants nothing to do with her, and she brings the pregnancy to full term. After a series of ill-fated affairs, Essie finds Tim Brown, a friend from childhood who now promises to be the first man to stand by her. This novel shows how, in the end, Essie’s journey and faith helped her grow strong and focused- she eventually raised eight children on her own, molding them into ambitious, motivated sons and daughters. She held her unwieldy family together with gumption, stoicism and a willingness to recreate herself whenever life proved difficult.

Her determination is powerful, as is this fictionalized collection of key moments in her life. A memorable story of a matriarch whose bravery and tenacity inspired her children.Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX 78744 [email protected]

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