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Get your basketball fix with the best anime featuring thrilling games, intense training, and unforgettable characters. Check out our top picks now!

Basketball is a sport that has captured the hearts of many people around the world. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and requires both physical and mental prowess. And for anime lovers who are also fans of basketball, there’s no better combination than watching basketball anime. These shows not only showcase the sport but also incorporate riveting storylines, unique characters, and intense gameplay. If you’re looking for the best basketball anime to watch, then look no further. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best basketball anime series that will leave you on the edge of your seat.



Basketball is a sport that is loved by millions of people around the world. It has been the subject of many movies, TV shows, and anime. Basketball anime has become increasingly popular over the years, with its unique blend of sports and drama. In this article, we will explore the best basketball anime that you should watch.

Kuroko no Basket


Kuroko no Basket is one of the most popular basketball anime series out there. It follows the story of Kuroko, a former member of the Generation of Miracles – a group of five elite basketball players who dominated middle school basketball. Kuroko joins Seirin High School’s basketball team, where he meets Kagami, a talented player with a fiery personality. Together, they work to take Seirin to the top of the national championships.

Slam Dunk


Slam Dunk is another classic basketball anime that has stood the test of time. It tells the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi, a delinquent who joins his high school basketball team to impress a girl he likes. Despite having no prior experience with the sport, Sakuragi quickly learns the basics and becomes a valuable player for his team. Slam Dunk is known for its humor and intense basketball action.

Ahiru no Sora


Ahiru no Sora is a relatively new basketball anime that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It follows the story of Sora Kurumatani, a short and scrappy high school student who dreams of playing basketball at the national level. Despite facing many obstacles, including a lack of support from his teammates and a tough coach, Sora never gives up on his dream. Ahiru no Sora is a heartwarming and inspiring anime that is worth watching.

Buzzer Beater


Buzzer Beater is a science fiction basketball anime that takes place in the future. The story revolves around Hideyoshi, a talented basketball player who is half-human and half-alien. He joins a team called the Earthdashers, where he helps them compete against other teams from around the galaxy. Buzzer Beater is a unique and entertaining anime that combines sports with science fiction elements.

Dear Boys


Dear Boys, also known as Hoop Days, is a basketball anime that follows the story of Aikawa Kazuhiko, a talented high school basketball player who transfers to Mizuho High School. He joins the basketball team there and helps them win their first championship in years. Dear Boys is known for its realistic depiction of basketball and its relatable characters.

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Haikyuu!! is a volleyball anime, but it deserves a mention on this list because of its similarities to basketball anime. It follows the story of Hinata, a short and energetic high school student who dreams of becoming a great volleyball player. He joins his school’s volleyball team and works with his teammates to compete against other teams from around the country. Haikyuu!! is known for its intense sports action and its lovable characters.



Basquash! is another science fiction basketball anime that is worth watching. It takes place in a world where basketball has evolved into a high-flying sport that is played with giant robots called Bigfoots. The story follows Dan, a young boy who dreams of becoming the best basketball player in the world. He joins a team called the Flint Hammerheads and competes against other teams to become the champion.

Cross Game


Cross Game is a baseball anime, but it deserves a mention on this list because of its similarities to basketball anime. It follows the story of Ko Kitamura, a talented young baseball player who dreams of playing in the national championships. He meets a girl named Wakaba, who shares his passion for the sport. Despite facing many obstacles, including the tragic death of Wakaba, Ko never gives up on his dream. Cross Game is known for its emotional story and its realistic portrayal of sports.



Basketball anime has become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. It combines the excitement of sports with the drama of anime, creating a unique viewing experience. Whether you’re a fan of basketball or not, these anime series are worth watching. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the action!

Introduction: Where to Find the Best Basketball Anime

Basketball anime is a sub-genre of sports anime that focuses on the game of basketball. If you’re a fan of both basketball and anime, then you’re in for a treat. There are numerous basketball anime out there, each with its unique storyline, characters, animation style, soundtrack, and life lessons. But where do you find the best basketball anime? The good news is that there are many platforms where you can watch anime online. Some of the popular ones include Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix. You can also check out some anime forums and websites for recommendations and reviews.

The Storyline: What to Expect from Basketball Anime

Basketball anime can have various storylines, depending on the focus of the anime. Some anime may concentrate solely on the sport itself, showcasing the rules, techniques, and strategies of the game. Others may delve deeper into the personal lives and character development of the players, exploring their motivations, struggles, and aspirations. There are also anime that incorporate supernatural or sci-fi elements into the storyline, adding a unique twist to the basketball theme. Whatever the storyline, expect to be entertained, inspired, and emotionally invested in the anime.

The Characters: Who to Watch in Basketball Anime

The characters in basketball anime are diverse and dynamic, ranging from talented and charismatic athletes to determined and resilient underdogs. Some of the notable characters in basketball anime include Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk, Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko’s Basketball, and Chiaki Shinichi from Dear Boys. Each character has their own backstory, personality, and skills, making them relatable and intriguing to watch. Whether you root for the protagonist or the antagonist, you’ll find yourself invested in their journey and growth throughout the anime.

The Animation: How Basketball Anime Stands Out

The animation style in basketball anime is one of the reasons why it stands out from other sports anime. The dynamic camera angles, fluid movements, and attention to detail make the games come alive on the screen. The animators also use various visual effects, such as slow-motion, close-ups, and character expressions, to enhance the emotional impact of the scenes. Some of the notable basketball anime with exceptional animation include Haikyu!!, Free!, and Kuroko’s Basketball.

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The Soundtrack: Music That Elevates the Game

The soundtrack in basketball anime is an integral part of the viewing experience. The music sets the tone for the scenes, evoking emotions and adding excitement to the games. The tracks range from upbeat and energetic to poignant and moving, reflecting the highs and lows of the story. Some of the notable composers in basketball anime include Yuki Hayashi, Yoko Kanno, and Hiroyuki Sawano. Some of the anime with exceptional soundtracks include Yowamushi Pedal, Ahiru no Sora, and Slam Dunk.

The Romance: Love on the Court

Romance may not be the primary focus of basketball anime, but it can add an extra layer of tension and drama to the story. Some anime explore the romantic relationships between the players, while others portray the unrequited love or the love triangle among the characters. The romance theme can also highlight the emotional struggles and sacrifices that the players have to face in pursuit of their dreams. Some of the notable basketball anime with romance elements include Dear Boys, Ahiru no Sora, and Kuroko’s Basketball.

The Drama: The Highs and Lows of Basketball

Basketball anime is not just about the games; it’s also about the drama and emotions that come with them. The anime can depict the players’ triumphs, failures, struggles, and relationships both on and off the court. The drama theme can add depth and complexity to the story, as well as showcase the different aspects of the sport. Some of the notable basketball anime with compelling drama include Slam Dunk, Haikyu!!, and Run with the Wind.

The Training: What It Takes to Be a Great Player

Basketball anime often highlights the grueling training and preparation that the players undergo to become the best. The anime can showcase the different techniques, drills, and strategies used in basketball, as well as the physical and mental challenges that the players have to overcome. The training theme can inspire and motivate viewers to pursue their own goals and dreams. Some of the notable basketball anime with exceptional training scenes include Kuroko’s Basketball, Ahiru no Sora, and Slam Dunk.

The Philosophy: Life Lessons from Basketball Anime

Basketball anime is not just about sports; it also conveys essential life lessons and values. The anime can explore themes such as teamwork, perseverance, friendship, leadership, and resilience, which are applicable not only in basketball but also in everyday life. The philosophy theme can inspire and enlighten viewers, as well as provide a deeper understanding of the characters and the story. Some of the notable basketball anime with powerful life lessons include Haikyu!!, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Dear Boys.

The Legacy: The Enduring Popularity of Basketball Anime

Basketball anime has been entertaining and inspiring fans for decades, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down. The anime has a global following and has influenced not only the anime industry but also the basketball community. The anime has also spawned various merchandise, such as manga, light novels, video games, and live-action adaptations. The legacy theme highlights the enduring appeal and impact of basketball anime and its place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Once upon a time, there was a basketball anime called Basketball Anime Best. It was a show that captured the hearts of many sports enthusiasts and anime lovers alike. The story centered around a young high school student named Tatsuya who had a passion for basketball.

  • Point of View:
    • The point of view in Basketball Anime Best is third-person omniscient. This means that the audience can see into the thoughts and feelings of all characters, not just the protagonist. This allows for a more in-depth understanding of each character’s motivations and reactions to events.
    • The tone of the show is uplifting and inspiring. It encourages viewers to follow their passions and work hard to achieve their goals. The characters face challenges and setbacks, but they always find a way to overcome them with teamwork and determination.
  • Story:
    1. Tatsuya joins his school’s basketball team and quickly becomes one of the star players.
    2. He and his teammates work tirelessly to improve their skills and win games.
    3. Along the way, they face tough opponents and personal struggles, but they always come out stronger in the end.
    4. Tatsuya learns the importance of teamwork and leadership, and he becomes a role model for his fellow teammates.
    5. In the final game of the season, Tatsuya and his team face off against their biggest rivals. It’s a hard-fought battle, but in the end, Tatsuya leads his team to victory.
    6. The show ends with Tatsuya reflecting on his journey and looking forward to the future, knowing that he has the support of his teammates and the skills to succeed.
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Overall, Basketball Anime Best is a heartwarming and inspiring show that encourages viewers to pursue their passions and work hard to achieve their goals. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves sports and anime.

Thank you for taking the time to read about some of the best basketball anime series that are out there. It is always an exciting experience to watch an anime that has a unique storyline and relatable characters. Basketball anime series have been popular for a long time now, and they continue to attract more fans every day. These anime shows provide a great way for viewers to learn more about the sport while also being entertained.

The basketball anime series that we have discussed in this article all offer something different to their viewers. Some of them focus more on the sport itself while others focus on the personal growth of the characters. Regardless of the approach, each of these anime series has its own charm and appeal. If you are someone who enjoys watching sports anime or just looking for something new to watch, these series are definitely worth checking out.

Overall, basketball anime series are a fantastic way to learn more about the sport while also being entertained with a compelling storyline. Whether you are a fan of basketball or not, these anime shows offer something for everyone. I hope that this article has helped you find your next favorite basketball anime series. Thank you for reading!

People Also Ask About Basketball Anime Best:

  1. What are the best basketball anime out there?
  2. There are several great basketball anime series out there, but some of the best include:

    • Kuroko’s Basketball
    • Slam Dunk
    • Ahiru no Sora
    • Dear Boys
    • Buzzer Beater
  3. What makes Kuroko’s Basketball stand out among other basketball anime?
  4. Kuroko’s Basketball follows a high school basketball team as they strive to become the best in Japan. What makes it stand out is its unique approach to the sport, with each character possessing their own special ability or technique. Plus, the diverse cast of characters and their relationships make for a compelling storyline.

  5. Is Slam Dunk worth watching even though it’s an older anime?
  6. Absolutely! Despite being over 20 years old, Slam Dunk remains one of the most popular sports anime series of all time. Its iconic characters, intense basketball action, and humorous moments make it a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

  7. What sets Ahiru no Sora apart from other basketball anime?
  8. Ahiru no Sora focuses on the story of a short, unathletic boy who joins his high school basketball team. What sets it apart is its emphasis on character development and the struggles that the team faces both on and off the court. It also tackles serious issues such as bullying and mental health in a respectful and nuanced manner.

  9. What age group is Dear Boys suitable for?
  10. Dear Boys is generally suitable for older children and teenagers. While it does contain some mild language and suggestive themes, it is ultimately a wholesome and inspiring story about a high school basketball team working together to achieve their goals.

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